Bios Screen
I finally got to extracting the bios from my ps2 so I can play Shadow of the Colossus. The problem is, every time I click apply or ok in the configuration screen, it freezes. I'm running on a macbook pro with mountain lion 10.8.2 and 2.9 ghz processer. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Can anyone help me please?

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You won't be able to play an extremely complex and heavy game like SotC on the Mac port, it is simply in too early beta stages (as you've already experienced with the bugs you encountered). Your only chance would be to Bootcamp Windows and use the windows version of PCSX2
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Okay, thanks.
Hey there, I got the same problem on OS X Lion.

As soon as I put my Bios file into my folder and choose it in the config window it simply freezes, so I have close the window without it actually selecting it.

Any solutions for that?

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