Bios crash and SSSE3
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Recently downloaded pcsx2 0.9.6. Generally very happy with the results; things run pretty smoothly given how inadequate my computer is. Couple of problems, and I'm wondering whether you can help me with any of them: running my bios crashes the emulator immediately after the inital "zoom-in" phase, and while Wikipedia tells me my CPU supports SSSE3, pcsx2 tells me it doesn't.

I'm running an Intel Core 2 Duo with an integrated 945GM graphics card (so as I said, it's fairly rickety but not subminimal). Plugins: GSdx (the emulator won't even start with ZeroGS) and SPU2-X. I've attached my emulog.txt in case it's of help.


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what's your whole cpu's name, and for the zoom crash you have to set gsdx to software mode then configure the ps2's bios, then you can go back to hardware mode in gsdx. Smile
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Ah, I figured it out. Based on his log file, he has a T2300 processor. This is a Core Duo, NOT Core 2 Duo, and therefore does NOT support SSSE3. You have an extremely early gen of the dual core processors.
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it's a early version of Intel Core duo(notice w/o a "2" besides Core x Duo). and it stays up to SSE3 not SSSE3 thus the graphic plug-in should use only based on SSE2

list of cpu's w/ SSSE3
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