Bios wont open - wrong file format?
Hey guys

So the other day i decided to get my ps2 back up and running however it seems to be dead and too much effort to get fixed, yet i still have all the games, so i wondered if i could emulate it.

Ive gotten up to what seems the dreaded bios screen (and sorry if this exact problem has been covered before, ive read a few FAQ pages and searched a few threads but nothing has helped so far)
Since my Ps2 isnt running ive gotten several Bios off the net that apparently work yet none of them can be 'opened'. When i manually redirect the browser to the folder with them in it and select them, they just come up with the old 'windows cannot open this file - wrong format'.
Is it possible to run the emulator with a downloaded bios or is it a case of 'strictly 100%' has to be off a running ps2? Sorry if this seems like pirating or what not but i figure since i have a ps2 i guess i have justified to myself its not really pirating as such (so understandable if noone here helps/thread is deleted etc)

Back on topic is there something im doing wrong or have i been extremely lucky and have all wrong bios? i have several different bios but they are all 'unreadable'

Or another way is, can i get the bios out of my ps2 even though it wont power up at all? Tried numerous things on it but still wont turn on, come to accept that its royally effed.

Cheers guys

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