Bit of a problem
Hi guys, i have downloaded Final Fantasy X, now, im trying to run it on PCSX2, ive used configuration guides, but when i use the graphics plugin as GSd the pixel shader is blank, and i can't select anything, so when i go to run the file ive downloaded it comes up supported pixel shader version is too low!

Supported: 0.0
Selected: 2.0

Now i'm not too good with computers but i guess it's to do with my graphics plugin? When i selected a different plugin earlier i could select pixel shader 2.0, but the game wouldn't load for me, i got an error message come up.

So yeah, just basically asking what the problem is and what's the best way to go about it? I have a ps2 so worse way if i have to play it on there i will, although i was hoping i could play on the PC. If i have to play on the ps2, what discs would i need to burn it to so that the space would fit and that the ps2 would play them?

Thanks guys.

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