Black [NTSC] Sky rendering bug [Fixed] ->Mouse problems
Hello I'm plaing Black with latest Pcsx2 1.0.0 release, with GSdx 5334 SSE41 revision 5350, game runs very good on my not very powerfull PC even with 4x upscale, but I have a bug with sky rendering
Here's a screenshot
[Image: pcsx2-r5350%202012-10-07%2017-23-12-44.jpg]
My specs are
CPU Core2Duo E8400 @3,3 GHz
GeForce 9600GT 1Gb

Sry If I wrote smth wrong here, but I rly need help with it, I olready tryed prolly all GSdx options including hacks and nothing helps.

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have you tried pressing F9? (software mnode rendering)
also try to not enabling speedhacks this could potentially mess up the emulation.

tried native resolution too?

and try the latest revision:
Tryed with latest revision, now sky looks just black, also native resolution, disabling speedhacks and software mode doesnt help too.
black is better than messy no? Tongue
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(10-07-2012, 08:04 PM)refraction Wrote: black is better than messy no? Tongue

it suits the title too xD
Yea, yea lol it's better, but anyway is there any chance to fix this?
Probably not Tongue Only thing i can suggest is try playing with the round modes and clamping settings under emulation settings -> EE and VU and see if either make a difference.

or load the game while in software mode, i know Burnout had a problem with black sky unless you loaded the game in software mode.
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Also try the EE timing hack under gamefixes.
(10-07-2012, 09:02 PM)rama Wrote: Also try the EE timing hack under gamefixes.

That will probably make things worse on this game as it uses path3 masking and games using that hate the ee timing fix now ;p
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In latest builds sky is just black and Burnout method works(starting the game in software and after loading level switch to hardware). unfortunately this is not the only problem. A lot of effects are missing in hardware mode -sun rays, other lights, blur during loading, greenish color of graphic. Also there is gameplay problems- i cant even finish first level, at some random point controls gone crazy or some of them completely dissapear(movement,camera movement etc.) or just player start to randomly spawn at some locations on the map, or just emu hang up.
Status of the game is INGAME and it is far away from playable. Too bad for that because it is great game and runs really well on 2x,3x,4x, internal.

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