Black Screen, but game noise
Hello, I just signed up today to try and get some help for my pcsx2 that I just downloaded. I followed everything on how to configure it from the official youtube video of the pcsx2. But when I try to start it, it starts, and plays the games intro music or whatnot and the screen is totally blank and black.

Game sounds start off playing in slow motion then play regularly then switch off for a few seconds then plays normally. That's another problem. Could anyone help me with that?

Also back to the main problem, everything else other than the sound is fine, I just do not get to see the screen! It's completely black and blank and it shows everything from the top of the screen for fps and all the other game components.

Any ideas what might be wrong? If you're wondering what my system configs are, they are exactly like the ones in this vid :

Only changes are : 3D9(hardware) I use that; I leave the check on native and not any higher; My screen does not change to 16:9 it stays as the default; I leave everything else the same.

I have tested the natives, though. I got nothing when I used 2x and 4x. I did get like the corporation that made the game CITMAX or something like that when I used 3x Natives, but then the screen froze on that.

Any ideas or solutions? The game(s) I am trying to play is(are) Persona 4 (and Persona 3).

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Can you provide the emulog.txt (located in the logs folder of PCSX2) after running the game(s)? Does GSdx prompt you to update directX or anything like that?

PC specifications?
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