Black Screen on Startup
I installed version 1.6.0 and cant seem to get any games running. My laptop specs are not great so I realize that could be the issue. The startup screen runs at 60 fps if i do a full boot. I've been doing fast boot as well and it just crashes right away. Then the screen goes black and everything closes out. I am running mostly default settings although I've tried removing speedhacks and tried cycling through the GS plugins in an attempt to get it to work. I just uninstalled it and reinstalled a clean version 1.6.0 and am getting the same issue. I am not super tech savvy but happy to share screenshots or whatever is helpful. I've tried high demand games Jak & Dexter and low demand games Tekken 5 with the same result. Running at native. Running an ISO. 

I feel like the issue is probably simple and I am doing something stupid, would appreciate any help since im new to all this.

8gb ram
64 bit
Intel HD Graphics 5500

emulog trying to fastboot tekken 5

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got it working by switching video plugin settings to opengl from directx, feel like i tried that before but o well

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