Black Screen on startup
Comp Settings
I am trying to play my game, .hack//G.U. from the original disk in my drive. Every time I run the game, I get nothing but a black screen, don't even see the PlayStation screen, though I can hear it, along with the game's sound. Hoping someone can point out what I am doing wrong here, am using basic settings/plugins.

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PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings?
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links contain current settings. Using no speedhacks/game fixes, though I have tried the game fixes.
edit: nvm, can't read apparently lol

try makign an ISO see if it still happens (use linuz iso, I KNOW that works)
Even without a disk or ISO, just playing the PlayStation 2 base, I get a plain black screen. The sound is there, and I can hear the sound it makes when I push up/down to change the selection, but no visuals at all.
Make sure your drivers are up to date, try updating your DirectX with either the web installer or the redistributable (if the web installer doesn't help, install the redistributable). Maybe try restarting your PC after the update.

You could try another graphics plugin too I guess.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Can you try using Fast Boot instead of Full Boot, maybe that game doesnt like the bios running.
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Got it working now, problem changed the visual plugin and its working fine, average of ~50 fps.

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