Black Screen or error loading from .iso
Hi guys, been playin about with pcsx2 for a while now after my ps2 took a turn for the worse so iv resorted to playing them on my pc by disk and had no problems but i recently ripped the game into iso file but all i get is a black screen from gigahurz's cdvdrom plugin and the rest of the plugins either terminate the program or say error loading .iso file. any1 have any suggestions please?

thanks in advance

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Unmount the ISO file from any other external programs and read it directly with the Linuz ISO plugin
[Image: newsig.jpg]
hmm tryed this but still getting the error loading message
also im getting error opening CDVD plugin with linuz iv just realised.

*Edit* just tryed it with other iso's and seems to work on a couple but some it dosnt accept :\ very odd but thanks anyway!
Are you sure your ripped ISO is not corrupt? I recommend using imgburn for creating ISO images.
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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