Black Text in Menus (ROTK VIII, ROTK IX)
Hello, my issue involves the text in the menus for the games ROTK 8 and 9.

In the start menu the text is all blacked out and it persists throughout the game, affecting what seems to be any menu-text.

They are listed as fully compatible, playable games, and I was wondering if this is perhaps a plugin issue.

I've tried all the available plugins that come with the most recent download as well as some downloaded ones like (ZeroGS KOSMOS).

Is there any other advice or help someone can provide?

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Update... did some searches, find the problem goes back as far as 2007 and the only solution then was "wait for the next release". Which 4 years later hasn't been addressed, so I guess its not all that big of a problem.
Known issue, no known solution.

You can still play the game with black text even if it's difficult and that's why it remains as playable in the list.
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