Black Vertical Lines and Shadows
I just downloaded PCSX2 yesterday and I was experimenting between 0.9.6 and 0.9.7 Alpha and right now only 0.9.6 works. I'm trying to play Castlevania Lament of Innocence & Curse of Darkness. Wondering if someone can help me resolve these issues I have listed below.

Lament of Innocence
1) There are vertical lines and shadows.
2) Whip and fire effects would disappear after going through a few rooms.
3) Gray area appears when I encounter the knight for the first time. Which REALLY causes fps to drop.

[Image: ScreenShot2013-05-27at35831PM_zpscf73c0a9.png]
[Image: ScreenShot2013-05-27at35917PM_zps2b978270.png]
[Image: ScreenShot2013-05-27at40037PM_zps07e2333a.png]

Curse of Darkness
1) Same vertical lines and shadow appear but no gray areas.
2) Map doesn't appear after I get it.
3) I can see torches through walls.

[Image: ScreenShot2013-05-27at30941PM_zps34d03a81.png]
[Image: ScreenShot2013-05-27at31230PM_zps6f1fd5b9.png]
[Image: ScreenShot2013-05-27at42425PM_zps5bb4ad91.png]

Any help would be great & thanks for creating such a great app!

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For ur verticle lines use native resolution

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