Black boxes on game screen

Hey, I'm new here. I use PCSX2 0.9.7 to play Super Robot Wars MX and there are some minor problems I have.

1. I'm really annoyed because there are some black boxes appearing on the game screen. When I changed it from Direct3D9 (Software) to Direct3D9 (Hardware), the black boxes are gone but the game gets kinda jagged and certain things are gone (The robots' body etc).

2. The game gets fast and slow sometimes, like the game menu is fast but the battle maps and battle screens get slow. I just want it to be constant. I tried to close the frame limiting and it only made the game slower than it is. But this isn't really a huge problem to me because I tried Sppedhack and it did help a bit, even though the game gets kinda slow sometimes.

3. The sound gets a bit forwarded like, when someone is talking "I will kill youuu!!! uu!" It's really annoying because I've tried to change the sound plugin and changing the timestretch, advanced configurations and stuffs.

So these are the problems. and here you go if you need my settings.

Graphic : GSdx9 (Hardware), Ticked native and ticked logarithmic Z
Sound : Linear, XAudio 2, Timestretch

And these are my laptop properties.

Processor : Intel Pentium P6100 @ 2.00GHz
Ram : 4Gb
Graphic card : Intel HD Graphic.

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Both your CPU & GPU are weak for pcsx2.
using some speedhacks may help you, but i don't think you'll get a constant 50/60fps with that kind of PC
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what kind of black boxes????i never seen this before.....
can you show us your screenshots on this.

or i advise to use DX10/11 Renderer instead of DX9.(see my sample screenshot)

and addition don't expect good speeds/sound because of the weak CPU and GPU.

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Lol, sorry, I dunno what's the term for the black boxes appearing on the screen. And look at the attachment I attach, there's a black box on the hill. I tried to use DX10 but the screen goes completely black but I can still hear the sound. Yeah, I know, I don't really mind about the speed. Rolleyes

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what speedhacks do you have enabled? they are usually the cause of sound problems, could likely be your black box issue too. Disable any speedhacks and Gamefixes for troubleshooting purposes.
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Umm, I don't know how to tell, so I took a picture of it. There you go. Smile

I tried to disable it, but the black boxes are still on the screen.

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