Black lines through the screen and cracky sounds
Hello, While attempting to make Tales of Symphonia work, I noticed that in-game there are black lines going through the screen. I have a picture that shows what I mean. Is it something in the graphical settings I need to change? Also, the sounds in my game are a bit cracky. Mostly during cinematic however, not so much in-game. Also note I am running from disk, not ISO if that matters.

Thank you for the help Smile!


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Making an ISO (with ImgBurn) is recommended, and can help with performance issues.

Post that screen-shot. And your GSdx video plugin settings, too, please.

Are you maintaining full speed? Does the FPS ever drop at all (like, during cinematics)?
Oops my bad I thought I had posted the picture:


Direct 3D 11
interlacing blend tff
scaling 2x native
Texture filtering [blue box]
(No hacks)

In-Game cinematic:

60 FPS average, no slow down, just a bunch of terrible sounding audio clicks and what not. In the first in-game cinematic, the actual animation is faster than the audio at a certain point (the rendering of the animation goes faster than the audio can which results in the animation ending and the audio just finishing in the background. Sorta hard to explain)

And as for making an iso with the files on the disk, I'm not sure how/what programs to use. MagicISO? Any recommended programs to use?

Thank you Smile!
Try ticking the "Native" checkbox in GSdx and disbaling "texture filtering" (or just leave it half-checked) and see if you do any better.
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Apparently the black lines went away, but the sound quality is still cracky. Thank you so far!
Bump. I'm not sure what's causing the cracky audio :/
Bump again. Now I'm starting to get slowed down in some areas with relatively low settings on one of the most high end graphic cards today (nvidia gtx569 ti). The sound still produces horrible cracking during AMVs and sometimes during music
Please don't bump your own thread.

Post your PCSX2 settings and your plugin settings so we can help better.
Also post what the EE/GS% numbers in game window say when you get slowdowns.

For cracky sound try with a different plugin or changing the synchronizing mode in SPU2-X to Async.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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