[Black screen] Rule of Rose
I've snooped around the forum, and found nothing which matches my problem. My issue is with the compiled clips as movies, intros and cut-scenes; all I get is a black screen. The rest of the game works perfectly.
It's also worth to note that while watching said clips, I do get rendered content; like subtitles.

Redundant obligatory info, ho! :
Processor:Intel i5 CPU 750
Video Card:AMD Radeon HD 6950.OC
Operation System:Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Motherboard:Gigabyte UD3-P55
RAM: 4GB 1333hz

PCSX2 ver = 1.0
Game format : ISO

As you can see, my hardware and software are up to date~

Any ideas? TT_TT

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Yea, this is a problem with GSdx hardware rendering.
I've added a workaround recently (so you need a SVN build) that's under the gamefixes tab.
Tick "Switch to GSdx software rendering when a FMV plays" there.
It's been quite a ***** to find it, had to google search just to find it. You guys should really simplify the download tab; finding the SVN page through page-walking was simply impossible.Glare
Regardless of that; cheers for your continued patronage, Rama. Smile

Noob aid:
->For anyone who has this issue<-.
Just download the latest build, config -> Emulation Settings -> Gamefixes -> What he said. ~Should be the last option.
So you had trouble finding THIS?


Sorry dude, but you probably need your eyes checked instead of a redesign of the website Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Trouble finding SVN section? lol there is an link to that on the hp.
@bositman; lol your drawing sucks, btw, which browser is that Firefox? yes then tell me which theme and where i can get that
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