Black screen on all ISOs
Like the topic says, I'm unable to see any video when I try to run anything with the latest version of PCSX2. I cannot see anything, including the BIOS, though I can hear everything just fine.

I've tried all combinations of GS plugins that I could think of. Interestingly, if I set it to any of the DX11 plugins, it just crashes without logging anything; my machine definitely supports DX11, though.
I've also tried older versions and they all have the same results; trying to use DX11 causes an immediate crash, DX9 doesn't display anything. Trying to switch between hardware and software rendering via F9 causes an immediate crash.

I've attached an example of the log below. Any ideas what I can do to get this working? I'd hope my video card is supported, considering it's fairly high end.

EDIT: Installing an older version of DirectX fixed it, for some reason..

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Do you have an onboard intel graphics card by chance?
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