Black screen when running games
Ok so this is my problem, when ever i try to start a game, any game for the PS2, all i get is a black screen that wont let me advanced any further. after obtaining a save state from a friend of several games that we both have and loading them the game runs fine after loading the save state but still nothing at start up of the games. any help would be much apreacated.

system specs
OS: vista ultimate 64 bit
CPU: Intel duo core 2 extreme x9100 3.06Ghz
Memory : 4 G ddr2 800hz
graphic card: ATI® Radeon™ HD3650 GPU with GDDR3 512MB
Comp type: OCZ laptop

recently updated Direct X drivers with the most recent.

as far as logs go, I'm not entirely 100% sure on were they are kept so I am unable to post them

thanks again in advanced for any help rendered.

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What games did you try, what's your PCSX2 configuration?
have tried kingdom hearts and FFX so far, my configuration is
gsdx 980 (msvc 15.00, sse41) 0.1.14
-res: windowed
-render: direct3d9(hardware)
-shader: pixel shader 2.0
-interlacing : none
-aspect ratio: 4:3
-d3d internal res 1024, 1024
sw rend thread 1
nloop hack checked and greyed
texture fitlering checked and greyed
alpha correction checked

spu2-x 1.1.0
mixing settings
interpolation - 0-nearest (none/fast)

module 2 - direct sound (nice)
disable time streching checked

1st and 2ed control
ssspsx pad plugin pressure mod 1.7.

gigaherz's cdvd pluging 0.7.0

dev9null driver 0.3.0

usbnull driver 0.5.0

FW null driver 0.4.0

USA v02.00 (14/6/2004) console

this only happens when i go file -> run cd/dvd as i can go to the opening screen with run -> execute and when i have no cd inserted or a ripped iso mounted it goes to the opening screen of the playstion 2 with the options and system configuration menu.

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