Black screen with hardware render
  • Your hardware specs?
    i5-3570k @4Ghz, 12GB RAM, GTX760, Windows 10  x64
  • The version of PCSX2?
  • Any non default settings?
    Have tried all preset emulation settings with no change except if VU Cycle Stealing is lower than 1 game runs at 30% after opening cutscene, 100% otherwise.
  • What games you are trying to play?
    Primal, running directly from ISO.
Hi I hope someone has an answer as i've been trying to troubleshoot this for 2 hours! Primal runs through to menu just fine on default and plays the opening cutscene (FMV) but as soon as it loads the first in-game scene i only see a black screen while in hardware rendering mode (dx9/dx11/oGL). Also once this black screen appears the rate drops from 100% to around 30% or less unless VU Cycle Stealing is set to 1 or more. I've tried switching to software mode which fixes the black screen but the frame rate is poor (though status shows 100%/60fps) and the game runs very slow from that first in-game scene.

I'm confident that if hardware rendering would actually the work the performance would be fine, but software rendering is unfortunately unplayable for me. Is there anything I can do to either get hardware rendering working or make software playable? I've spent a lot of time on software mode fiddling with all the settings to make the game run at normal speed with no stuttering with very little change. Please help!

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It isn't playable at decent speeds currently, there's nothing you can do. You'll have to play it on your PS2 for now.
Oh, guess i should have tried a different game? That sucks i remember playing it a long time ago and wanted to play it again Sad

Thanks for the quick response.
then, back playing on your real PS2console.
no other way for now. sorry.
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RAM : 16 Go
What cause the black screen? Maybe can be fix with HLE shader ?
HLE shader isn't a magic bullet. It really depends of the game issue.

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