Black screen with sound - Windows 8.1 pro
I bought myself a new notebook after my previous one broke down and really wanted to benchmark the emulator to see what I could get. It's a fairly powerful thing (i7 4710MQ 2.50GHz, 24GB RAM, GeForce GTX 860M) so it should have no problem with even more demanding settings I think.

My PCSX2 folder is on a separate drive so I'm essentially playing with the settings I had on my previous machine with Vista. However, now every game I have tried to run gives me a black screen with audio. I know the game is being run, since I can load the previous save states just fine and actually hear where the game is at. However, no matter what video settings I use, I don't seem to be able to get anything but a black screen.

Anyone know what the problem may be? I'm afraid I cannot post logs until tomorrow though. Internet still needs to be reconnected so I'm typing this from my iPhone.

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Did you update DirectX? What are your graphics plugin settings?

And is the version on the other drive the installed or portable? If it's installed, that could cause problems too. I.e. if it's installed it needs to be installed on this computer and not just executed from an old install. If it's portable it should be fine though.
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Make sure you also have a profile set up in your nvidia control panel for PCSX2 to make sure it is using your 860M rather than the intel gpu.
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@Blyss Sarania: No, the version is portable. Windows was making trouble about that before (administrator rights) so I'm pretty certain about that. Can't remember installing the emulator either.

Anyway, i think you are right about DirectX. Haven't been able to update that yet due to lacking internet. So I will wait until that gets reconnected, update the DirectX and see if the problem still persists after that. Thanks!

@refraction: I didn't know about that! I will do that as soon as I can use internet here. It doesn't seem like my Nvidia software gives me any real options apart from ogling at the hardware properties of my "rig."
You need to open the control panel (right click on the desktop) rather than the Nvidia Experience.
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@Refraction: thanks! I didn't know that. I have checked it and it seemed the software had already decided that Nvidia would be used instead of the IntelHD driver for PCSX2. I will keep it in mind for other software too however. Smile

@Blyss Sarania: Installing the DirectX files (I installed DirectX 9 as well) did the trick! I can now run the games and see more than just a black screen. Now all that is left is to see just how far I can take the settings with my current machine Laugh
That laptop will do very well with pcsx2.
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