Black stripes and flashing screen in Bleach: Blade Battleers 2nd
Hello! I wanted to play Bleach: Blade Battlers 2nd on my PC. My graphic plugin is ZeroGS, games works better on it (on my PC). When I boot the game, screen is flashing and when I enter the fight, there is a black stripe on the bottom of the screen. On GSDX game works fine but slower. What can I do to play normal on ZeroGS?
Intel Core 2 Duo e7600 3,16
Radeon 4870 512MB

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I'm not sur that game works well on an outdated plugin like zerogs...

Better using gsdx w/ some speedhacks
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I have speedhacks on and gsdx is slow (25fps), on zerogs average fps is 45. Maybe I have something wrong with config...
Usually gsdx is a lot faster. Do you have the latest beta and plugins?
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try GSdx in Software mode?
Sorry for not posting so long time, but i have guests Tongue No, I haven't got beta. I have 0.96. For plugins I think that I have latest. I'll download plugins again and latest beta and tell how it's working.
the beta might have some isssues with BB2, if you can build a newer SVN build, it works perfectly on them.
I've downloaded everything once again (latest beta & plugins), now it works perfectly on gsdx with speedhacks (38-40 fps, no graphic bugs). Thank you for help Smile

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