Black vertical lines -- Tekken 5

I just decided to upgrade the snes emulator to something a little more modern... so here I am.

I have installed the following:
pcsx2 v.96 build? (dunno, I couldn't find the build, newish?)
GSdx v.1.15 build 1846 (sse2, ssse3, sse4.1)
ZeroGS v.97.1 build?
linuzOSISO CDVD 0.80

It's all running on an i7 920 (2655 Mhz) with two 9800 GTX+ cards in SLI. Vista x64, DX11 now. That may have been over kill for zsnes. (o: Seems to work nicely for this too.

The problem:
Here's a pic (I didn't know how to take a proper screen cap, so you get a half screen, everything is good though, other then the lines)
9 ~ 1px black vertical lines appear evenly distributed across the screen. No matter what I do I can't get rid of these puppies except in internal native res. mode. Then it just looks like crap.

I haven't found much out about these lines through my google-age. I did find this one snippet:
Quote:The maximum reliable internal resolution for Tekken 4 & 5 is 1270x1270, above that you will have vertical stripes. If you want to play at your desktop resolution, put 1270x1270 in internal res, and start Tekken 4 in progressive mode, it will fit your desktop resolution without having to increase to emulator internal res (if your rig permit to run it in progressive mode, else just use normal mode).

I am looking to verify if this is indeed the problem I am dealing with and if there are any fixes out there that 'make sense'. I don't see a point in downgrading graphics to solve a graphical artifact as an amicable solution. I have played with both graphic plug-ins I mentioned above and the only thing that has done anything to these lines is setting internal native mode. That quoted text doesn't seem entirely accurate, or maybe I missed something?

So, do you guys have anything new for me or perhaps something that I may have missed?


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With modern things like a 3d graphic unit, scaling for better quality comes with issues, and this is one of them.
Indeed your only option is to use one of the recommended values for upscaling in this game.
I think it was 1200*1200, or 1280*1280. If those don't work, search this forum for more values.
This kinda res should be nice enough though, anything above it doesn't drastically improve the look.
Other than rama's, 1270*1270, 1020*1020 and others work.

That quote is wrong, although it was giving the right value it doesnt work for all GSdx versions and it certainly isnt a limit it's just that some horizontal resolutions magically work while others get the lines Tongue2
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Shadow Lady, or others, can you give me more specifics about GSdx versions/settings I might want to look at?

I haven't had any luck with anything BUT internal native resolution. With the modern computer I have supporting pretty much anything out there, I am sure there are some solutions that might work. Seems a bit like a needle in a hay stack search though. =/
Mmmm looks like I got 1020 x 1020 to work. Doesn't look like 1270 is gonna happen though. I won't complain though, 1020 is actually quite nice. Runs at 50-60 fps and looks good.

Now I just need to buy some PC compatible gamepads. (o:

As a side note: I haven't gotten my castlevania -curse of darkness iso or my Prince of Persia one to work yet. They have different issues though.
castlevania - freezes at playstation logo (it's flashes to a grey square and locks up)
POP - won't load, I just get punted to the "browser" in the system setup. Choosing the CD option does nothing but reload the screen.

Using linuzOSISO CDVD 0.80 as I said in OP. Ideas? I checked and both these games should be good to go on the compatibility list.
try with gigahertz CD/DVD and your original DVD
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1200*1200 is working for me.

Tekken 5 media: ISO file

pcsx2: beta r1888
GSdx: 1873 (MSVC 15.00, SSE2) 0.1.15

CPU: AMD Athlon II x2 250 @ 3.7GHz
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4670 1GB
So with Tekken 5 I got a little more internal res by upgrading to beta r1888. Apparently I wasn't running that. =p I get a little grid-type artifacting on one or two the the maps that have a sort of lens flare/soft lighting effect, but it's not unplayable by any means.

I got the original dvd for castlevania and it ran with gigahertz as sugested. It works great, so thanks for that.

Gonna fiddle with pop a bit more now. (o:

In terms of controllers:
What have you guys had the best luck with/what do you prefer? Ps2 controllers w/ converters, xbox360 controllers, other PC compatible controllers?
I use a generic (literally generic, no name on it) PS2-esque PC controller. It's basically a cloned wireless PS3 only it uses USB 2.4ghz radio signal for wireless instead of just bluetooth.

I also have a PS3 controller that works fine via USB for me using motion in joy. I also have an adaptoid for my N64 controller I used before I got motion in joy working properly.
[Image: 2748844.png]
1260x1260 works fine for me(no lines) at ~97% speed without speed hacks.

GSdx 4975 (MSVC 16.00 SSE4.1) 0.1.16 -- Dx11 hardware mode
cdvdgigagerz r4488 0.8.0

CPU: Intel Pentium g840 @2.8Ghz
GPU: AMD Radeon HD6790 1GB
OS: Win7 x64 SP1

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