Black vertical lines Tony Hawk Proving Ground

I have installed the following:
PCSX2 0.9.7 (r3878) build
GSdx 3693 (MSVC 15.00 , SSE2) 0.1.16 [gsdx-sse2-r3878]

So i have two versions of this emulator , the other one is version 0.9.6 (last stable beta emulator on download page) , some games runs better on 9.7 other on 9.6 , i had this black vertical lines problem with games like tekken 4 ,5 but i fixed it when i chenge the resolution to native or lower (990-990) and now tekken 5 runs outstanding.
But Tony Hawk Proving Ground is the only game so far that has very bad graphical issues , from vertical lines , to texture gliches , i tryed allmost all GSDx for the emulator version that i find on google from all kind of sites , i tryed to change the resolution to native and other settings , but nothing helped , the game runs on great fps , its allmost 100% real ps2 speed , but the visual is still very glitchy.
Any advice or tips how to fix that?

screen from v9.7

[Image: tonyo.jpg]

on v9.6 the game just got stuck on the starting logos and aways crashes heare

[Image: tonyy.png]

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Try playing it with a software renderer of GSdx. You can toggle to software renderer and back while running a game by pressing F9. Do note that it will be quite slower than hardware mode and will look bad since it renders the game on its' native resolution
[Image: newsig.jpg]
it just slowed the speed drastically , but removed the lines , still alot gliches with missing textures

[Image: tonyy.png]
Last thing to try is the skipdraw setting (maybe set to 3 or 4, whatever gets rid of the lines)
Search the configuration guide on how to enable GSdx hacks:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
i suppose you talk about this option

[Image: pcsx2coresettingsgs.png]

i tryed frame skip-draws but no effect on the speed on software renderer option , its still very slow , and doesnt remove the lines on hardware renderer wich has 100% speed with or witought frame skipping
i hope if someone play this game with no problems , to share some tips or advise , bw i notice that video plugin have hack option , but i dont know how to enable it , can you tell me how to do that? Mb bositman talk about that option , but on the forum tread , i didnt see any information on how to enable hack option for the video plugin

[Image: tonymr.jpg]
i have the same problem with tony hawk games , i awso notice that others have the same problem , will this be fixed in 0.9.8 version?
None of the newer Tony Hawks games work properly in 0.9.8 no. Anything past Pro Skater is pretty much a no no, except the underground games.
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thats kinda sad , becouse the game itself runs perfect (i even made a few missions lol..), the only problem is grapichal , if Gabest update and tweak the GSDX plugin , i think its possible..
Yes... just like if there are improvements to the core emulator more games will work Tongue2

It's not a matter of simply stating that if things are improved they get better... it takes time and work and there are other priorities that the developers themselves want to tackle first.
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