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Bleach Blade Battlers 2nd
So I'm trying to play Bleach Blade Battlers 2nd. Everything boots up fine, using a Japanese BIOS. When the game loads this is what I get:

[Image: 28K4m]

And if I take either of those 2 options I get this:

[Image: 28K4L]

And either of those options takes me back to the first dialog.

Seeing as I can't speak japanese, I'm somewhat lost on what the issue is here.

I've tried using a different Japanese BIOS, ejecting all memory cards, nothing seems to work.

If anyone knows how to fix this issue I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance!

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why did you buy a game you can't understand ?
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More to the point, why did you buy 2 japanese PS2's when you don't understand?
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This game is only available in Japanese, and as I am a great fan of Bleach, I would very much like to play.

One attempt was with SwapMagic from a friends European PS2, one was with my Japanese PS2.
you are using Circle for Accept and not Cross right?
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The first question is something like "do you want to make a memory card save" yes on the left and no on the right.
If you press X on the left it's like pressing No on the right with the O button
In Japanese games the functions of the X and O are switched...X is O and O is X

The second question is something like "Are yo sure" if you pressed X on the first question or O on the right

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