Bleach Blade Battlers Help
Hy Guys , im a big fan von PCSX2 and play much games on this (sry for my english , i know it is bad Sad).I would like play Bleach Blade Battlers on PCSX2 but I have only 10-40 FPS.
I think the game should run fast then I can play Budokai Tenkaichi 3,Kingdom 1 and 2 fast too.
Here are my spec´s.

AMD Athlon X2 255 (Dualcore 3,11 GHz)
3 GB of Ram
AMD Radeon HD 6770

Wich plugins are the best for this game ?
BTW:Bleach is full compatiblity at 0.9.8

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PUSH pls help Laugh.
what's your plugin settings? and your pcsx2 settings?

If you already using GSDX. what the numbers on top of the windows saying when it's slow? the EE and GS percent. snap a good pic and post it if you have to. also how's your real CPU load when you run the game? use coretemp or something similar to see it.

btw. what OS you're running? might be important to know
So first thx Wink.

Here are the PIC´s Wink.

[Image: Unbenannt1b2ed301png.png]

[Image: Unbenannt1877e9e39png.png]

[Image: Unbenannt2bff9729bpng.png]

I have Windows 7 Wink.
first of all. download the official pcsx2 svn version here. inofficial build are not supported here.

second: assuming you're using the original disc cause that gigaherz DVD plugin is there. in that case use imgburn and make an iso of the game and use the internal iso loader.

third: set GSDX to DX11 hardware. that radeon supports it. and try native first. you can up that if there's more speed. and switch of 8-bit palletes. I'm sure it won't kill that much performance.

fourth: the MTVU hack is known to be faulty or not a speedup on dual cores. leave it off to test first. also try the other speedhacks. use the EE cyclerate and VU cycle stealing sliders til you get some sort of a real speed gain.

if all fails. try the EE timing hack under game fixes.
Thx Now I have 35 FPS Laugh.
First really big thx at you Smile but is it possbile to have more then i now have ?
don't use tuneup tools. often they destroy more than what they gain. maybe switch off aero. kill as much background programs as possible. pcsx2 needs all the power your cpu has to offer. not much else you could do. probably. Smile
THX Wink.

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