Blitz the leauge lag
Processer- Intel 15 dual core 2.27 ghz
RAM 3.5
Video card Geforce 310m
Pixel and vertex are 4.1
Dedicated Video RAM: 512mb

I can play but a little lag and it bother me to death Tongue. during the cutscene it will run 60 fps and everthing else. execpt when i start playing on the field it will run maybe 35-40 fps 45 if im lucky. I also use the speed hack all the way up too. Is there any tweaks i can do to improve it or maybe any plugins thx.

PS i have a sumsung laptop.

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Reduce the usage of speed hacks, just put EE Cyclerate at 2 and VU Cycle Stealing at 1.

Tick Native in GSdx since your GPU are not that good.

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