Block writing Lord of the rings
Hey guys, in advanced thanks for any help, basically i've got Lord of the rings, which i recently created an ISO using nero (have both .nrg and .iso files and both do the same even when changed from pal to ntsc), me and my girl friend used to play it together and want to again Laugh All other games work fine (well dragon ball z budokai 3 does ^^)

I've added some screen shots of the block writing using direct 3d9 hardware. As you can see the animated writing is normal, only the normal text writing is all blocky? The game its self runs fine, even with co op. Ive tried changing setting in the graphics. Now i did fix the problem when using sdl 1.3 software but its just too laggy to play. (i run bf3 on mostly full graphics ><) Again thanks for any help.


im a noob with settings btw, only know really basic stuff.

Specs are

8gig ram
nvida gtx 460

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That only works in Software mode I think so there is not much you can do.
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(12-10-2011, 04:05 PM)Bositman Wrote: That only works in Software mode I think so there is not much you can do.

When i run it in software mode... It just too laggy? Why is that? Nothing i can do?
It's because your CPU has to do all the work your GPU would do if you were in Hardware mode. You can set SW render threads to 3 in the GSdx configuration for a good speed up when using software mode.
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Hey thanks for all your knowledge. It was on 1 and i put it to 3... No difference in gameplay though its just soo laggy and slow. All the writing is clear though ^^ ... Any more advice?
Nope that's about it Tongue Overclocking will get you better FPS if you're up to it and know how to do it.
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