Blood Omen 2 Bug Chapter 9 Bridge
my problem is that I love old school games and they are all little bit buggy sometimes, but this bug, jesus, get me raged off.
At 55% in Chapter 9 you come to a room with a crane with the telekines switch and a worker.
You have to activate the switch, let the worker go over the bridge and activate the tele switch again. BUT the (retard) guy can't go over it and how can I finish the game?
Hope for help Blood Omen is a cool game.

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Not a valid bug report, moving to support section.
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Can nobody help me or give me so tips?
Never played it. But try :
- disabling all Speedhacks
- switching to software mode
- setting round mode to nearest and/or clamping mode to extra
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God send you! It works! An awesome game has been saved!
Thank you

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