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Blood Omen 2 = Unable to proceed with game !!!
This doesn't usually happen. It could be a rare situation where a game saves some form of level information as well, maybe randomly generated levels?

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i believe the blood omen games save level progression information
(07-10-2012, 11:17 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: i believe the blood omen games save level progression information

I need to say this, you and your ego tripping friend mr.death or something have made so many I-am-So-oH-So-Wow-smart ass comments about me.

YET both of you couldn't think of the possibility and replied me that a game save can cause all this.. no instead I "the dummest of em all" accordingly to you and the likes have figured it out myself and put both of you to wall of shame.

And that IS that ...

Good day sir...mam,
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What needs to be said, is that your behavior from the start has been undeserving of the patience provided to you by the administration (Bositman) and anyone else who has posted in this thread.

Your psychosis regarding taking matter of fact replies as personal attacks is something you need to take up with your psychiatrist.

Sir, you are the definition of the term Fantatic, derivative of latin, Fanaticus. So much so, that you confused Hyakki's post to be in support of your nonsense, which it certainly was not. You were the only smart arse in this thread. from the second post in the thread and your reply to Bositman, an administrator not often known for his patience.

Your own posts are the ones that make you appear to be unintelligent, from your taking personal offense to criticism by people who understand the marchitecture a slight better then you; Your readily disputed ignorance to multicore performance (4 cores at X amount of gigaherz, does NOT combine to total XX amount of gigaherz).

Instances of bugs that manifest in this manner are usually random by nature, and often limitations of the precision of the EE and VU unit, which and especially in the case of the recompiler (where float rounding is concerned), can be different depending on the very time of day.
And cut.

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