Blood Will Tell.
Does anyone know how far you can play this game on the latest revision? It's listed as In-Game on the compatabillity list, but I'd rather like to play it since my old PS2's disc drawer won't open, and I currently can't afford to get one of the slimelines. If they even sell them anymore.

Any estimate on when or if it will ever become fully-playable?

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I don't understand your problem, just try it and see.
Anyways the game is playable I beat it using pcsx2 the game database needs alittle update.
Ah, okay, I'll try it, then.
Sorry for the double post, but when I try to play it only the in-game menus work, and I get garbage graphics instead of the actual gameplay. Cinematics work just fine and at 100% speed, but the game itself doesn't display. Are there any settings to correct this?
press F9, when the game is in black and white you need to use software mode, after it turns to color you can run it in hardware.
Ah, alright, thanks.

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