Blood Will Tell - Save Discrepancies
Blood Will Tell is really an amazing game for its time, and it runs amazingly on PCSX2. Since its one of my favorite Anime's of all time, it was really great to be able to play it again, dumped from my old disc at sweet 4k.

If anyone has played it recently or has the tech knowledge (I am no dev) please let me know if you can lend any advice/help for the following problem:

Although this is a great game, like most PS2 era games, save locations are rare. I think there's 3 in the whole 1st Chapter, and its long. 
So I used the beautiful modern-day save states of the emulator. You need the patience of a saint to play it without them.

Anyway, after beating the main final boss of chapter one, you get a choice of going to Ch2 or staying to finish off the remaining Fiends and getting your stolen body parts back.
I got 3 of the 4 remaining bosses (the last is locked away I think), and got some high-level swords & stats and again saved in PCSX2.

Unfortunately, the devs decided that the only way to choose a chapter is to quit and go back to the main screen to choose a chapter.
When I did, it loaded with none of my stats/weapons and was continuing from an old save file from the official memory card file, way earlier in the game. [Image: unsure.gif]

Is there a way to force the actual game to save again & keep my stats via the console? (the locations where you can save in the game are no longer available, as far as I know)
Merge the PCSX2 save and memory card save into one file?
Even less likely transfer my stats to chapter 2?

I'm looking into cheat codes but since I spent many hours already busting my ass, Im leaving it as a last resort. Anyone know some good codes so I can get back to where I left off?

Thanks for any help or advice you can give, and for reading my novella here.

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My friend says that there is a code to "enable save anywhere" on this page:

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