Blood Will Tell - poor image quality
Any reason why the game actually looks worse in hardware mode even at 8x native resolution than the software mode?
Its like the rendering resolution of the models isn't increasing at all despite the framerate getting worse with every increment of it. Strangely enough it performs better in the software renderer than the hardware one even at native resolution(though at native resolution the difference between the two is 1-2 FPS)


Also, is there any way to disable the dithering pattern present in the software renderer?

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How it is when you play till the game becomes colorful.
The quality improves massively when the color returns. Not only does the performance increase(getting a 60+ FPS on 8x native resolution which gets to around 100 FPS in cutscenes), so does the screenshot size Laugh

Are you using the latest beta of pcsx2...I think there was some fix done for this game that doesn't exist in pcsx2 1.4.0
Yeah its the latest dev build
The game reads back the framebuffer in a complex way. On DX the effect is emulated on the CPU (slower+low quality), openGL will emulate it on openGL (faster+better quality). However even with openGL, it remains complex so it could be slow and low quality too.

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