Blood Will Tell slow
I'm trying to run Blood Will Tell on my rig: Core i5 4460 3.2Ghz, 8GB DDR3 and the onboard graphics, running on software mode that suits me pretty well for most games(i'm running in native res), but this game get between 50-60fps and exists dips below 50 fps, and that's is freaking annoying because the CPU use is between 50-60% and i'm using 3 extra rendering threads, where in other much more demanding games on software, the CPU goes to 99-100% and it stays around 60fps, this occurs specially on the black and white part of the game, after that it gets a little better, but the CPU stays at 50-60%. What should i do?

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Black and White => very hard to emulate hence the slowdown. After it, you should switch to an HW accelerated renderer.

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