Bloody Roar 4 Problems
Hello fellas, i'm sorry if i'm not posting in the correct forum, but i've a problem.

I have been trying to play Bloody Roar 4 on PCSX2 but it runs like in slowmotion (sound and graphics), i have the latest version of PSCX2, JAN 5 2012. and this are the settings im using for the game.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 @ 2.53Ghz
HDD: 500GB
OS: Windows 7 64bits
GPU: Zotac 560ti (DX 11 Card).

[Image: IDZHz.jpg]

Thanks in advance and i'm sorry for my bad english.-

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You need ful fps for full speed soo 50 in pal, 60 in ntsc games otherwise slowmotion/lags is what you get. You have more than ok GPU soo you could use upscalling in GSdx as long as it doesn't give any glitches. But your CPU is just an average and probably it's what stopping your fps, you can confirm that by checking EE/GS% at the top of the window displaying your game. Any of it reaching 100% means cpu is limiting your fps. Some speedhacks/presets(in emulation settings) can probably help with that, but dunno about that game soo that's just a general guess. If you are limited by cpu which seems the case, OC would help too E7200 seem to be very good at that and your's at stock speed.

And yeah forum is incorrect, that should go in General Discussion and Support Windows.
If GS is at 100% it means it is his GPU bottlenecking, just correcting Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Nah GS is just mtGS thread on cpuTongue, gpu load is usually different than GS%. I thought like you too, but it turned out opposite.
Edit: check that to see what I mean:
This is how the game runs,

[Image: zaxFL.jpg]

do you have any LINK or guide to OC my CPU Safely? and thanks for the fast response.
Actually it SHOULD be like that but i think some PCSX2 or GSdx change broke it and/or changed how it behaves. Yeah it does show the MTGS thread but if that takes up 100% of time it means the GPU isn't fast enough to do its work so the MTGS thread ends up as the bottleneck

Edit: 50 FPS is very close to full speed, so it shouldn't be as bad as you describe...there is no single OC guide out there, you can find many with a simple google search though
[Image: newsig.jpg]
If that's a PAL game that's even full speedTongue, you sure you had a slowdown while making this screenshot?

Oh I see VU thread, soo you're using speedhacks, in case you do, try lowering the slider speedhacks, they're giving false fps.
I Think the problem is the CPU like miseru99 said, look at this screenshot wich is in the beggining cinematic/intro.

[Image: hzS3m.jpg]

I'll try to OC the CPU and see how it goes.

Thanks to you both, btw... i'm a graphic designer myself, if you want/need an avatar/signature tell me and i'll make you one.

Again sorry for my bad english.
101% ;O
If you oc, remember about those slider speedhacks, they actually can make the game run even slower while giving more fps, they're giving different results for different games and it's about experimenting, nothing to set and forget.
Well, playing with the speedhacks sliders gave me some nice results. take a look.

[Image: OVW71.jpg]

it actually feels fluid gameplay now, and fast.

[Image: ngMJt.jpg]

sorry for the spanish PCSX2, lol.

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