Blue Screen

I played Namco X Capcom on a pscx2 emulator.

It was slow but still playable and ran at normal speeds where it counted, the battles.

Well 30 min into the game. For the first time, my laptop blue screened. I didn't change anything on the pcsx2 and ran it with all the deafults, except using motionjoy with my ps3 controller because it's much easier to control that way. I also ran the game 2 years ago on the same pc, it never crashed

I have

OS: Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz
Speed: 2.3GHz
Video Card: GeForce 310M
DirectX: 11.0
Audio: NVIDIA High Definition Audio

I know it's gonna be slow but, right now, I'm nevrous to try it again, and I have never really fiddled with emulator settings much. Which Gs plugin should I use? Are there any I need to download? Or should I just wait until I have a much more powerful laptop.

Also, this is my first post here. So sorry if this doesn't go here, and hi.

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Namco x Capcom played 60 fps on my 2.2 desktop (dual) if the laptop is BSoDing on you, try to find the cause. it's not pcsx2 doing it
well, it only happened once

it might be a sign of my pc getting old

the thing is, after it happened that one time, I havent' tried it sense

Ok, I used SSE2 last time

apparently i5 is recommended to be used with 4.1
Probably some overheating issues? I finished namco x Capcom via pcsx2 on version 1.0 and it worked like a charm
[Image: 2555882.png]
No, it isn't that either I think

one of the first things I checked when it BSOD'd is the bottom of the pc

wasn't warmer than usual
when the dreaded blue screen of death happens 2 files are generated:-
1) memory.dmp in c:\windows
2) 091812-28376-01.dmp in c:\windows\minidump

the 2nd file is the id file for the 1st file. these 2 files can be analyzed by some softwares

see my post:-

i also got a blue screen and i analyzed the files using WhoCrashed ( and BlueScreenView (

just install the program and click analyze. it will analyze the dump files and give u the result like the pictures in my post

it's most probably a drivers problem

also go to system, then advanced system settings, then click settings for startup and recovery. under write debugging information you will see kernel memory dump is selected and overwrite existing file is ticked. since it is ticked when the next blue screen of death happens the new dump files will overwrite the old dump files. untick it if u want to keep the old dump files

also instead of kernel memory dump you can select small memory dump. i guess it really doesn't make much sense when you use the softwares i mentioned, however there are other ways to do the analysis and they require small memory dump to be selected like in

sadly the files aren't there anymore
that happens. windows does cleaning and erases some files, but weird it shouldn't happen that fast. is there a minidump folder and it's empty? check the recycle bin. maybe the files got deleted and sent there

all you can do now is get ready for the next blue screen of death. i feel it's best to select small memory dump or untick the overwrite if you are setting it to kernel memory

I use c-cleaner every time before I shut down my laptop


if it happens again, praying that it doesn't mess up my pc beyond use. What do you want me to do?
A BSOD is caused by a crash; could be a one off thing or a daily issue. More than likely, this was a one off deal and you shouldn't worry.

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