Blue VS Clear
I have always known that the Blue Discs caused problems even on the regular PlayStation 2, but I was wondering if there was some sort of FIX for several of these games like:
Midnight Club 1
Okage: Shadow King
Sim RollerCoaster
Board Games
Smuggler's Run
Well, It's not really that important, but it's actually easier to play the simpler games than the time consuming games.

--P.S. There isn't some kind of DMG version of the PSX2 as well is there?Blink

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any version of PCSX2 with "DMG" on the end is unofficial and unsupported and potentially dangerous to the user.

If your computer is having trouble reading discs, the best solution is to rip them to ISO and play from that, it will be much quicker!

moving to General Discussion as this isnt a bug report
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