Hello ! Sorry for my English but I am French!
I congratulate you for your work! But for my part I have a problem! I can play with the wire but not Bluetooth. Indeed, with ScpToolkit when I check my Bluetooth Dongle and I do install (the drivers,
 [Image: 563636scptoolkit.png]

There is a blue screen that appears with an error code each time : 
[Image: 251414DSC0006.jpg]
Can you help me please ?
thank you in advance

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Which operating system are you using?
(01-18-2016, 02:20 PM)ghost182 Wrote: Which operating system are you using?

I use windows 10
(01-18-2016, 07:33 PM)Freizh Wrote: I use windows 10

Is your adapter supported in the list or do you use the Zadig utility?

Either way, you have to understand that Windows 10 blocks unsigned drivers by default. In order to install the drivers to begin with you have to restart with driver signature enforcement disabled (would like to know if you have done this, can explain how if you don't know).

I still find it strange however that you seem to be getting a blue screen. Let's just start with the above first.

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