Blur effect on FFX
Hi everybody !

I just started playing FFX with PCSX2 and I got an horrible "blur effect" while playing, it was like there was two images instead of one and it was really hard to play without hurting my eyes.

Then, I discovered that this effect could be removed by setting the Skipdraw to 1 and modifying the Gsdx file by putting "AllowHacks=1".

After that, the effect disappeared a little but still exists while I play. I just finished the blitzball tournament and whenever I start a fight, I can notice the effect on every character's hair or in the background.

Do you have a solution for that ?

Thank you !

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It was hard to take a screenshot but here is an exemple :

You can see it on Lulu's hair, Kimahri or the trees in the background.
Skipdraw = 1
I jus told you in my first message that my Skipdraw is set to 1 in the options.
Do you enable hardware hack?
Yes, I put "AllowHacks=1" in my Gsdx file.
It will stay in some areas as it´s how it was basically meant to be.
Skipdraw hack is just a "hack". And while you think it corrects a problem, it removes a built-in effect ( in most cases, but not all of them)
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What version of PCSX2 you're using?
PCSX2 1.0.0
can you show us a screenshot of your gsdx config?
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