Boost FPS by 10-20 without graphic suffix.
I'm not sure if this has been posted before. But if you are like me, with a moderate PC, and could use a better processor (I have a AMD 64 x2 2.1GHZ) and run around an annoying 40fps, then this might be for you.

First thing you'll want to do is download gamebooster, it disables aero and unnecessary features. Chances are you are going to be playing in full screen anyways, so downloading this will increase your fps by a lot.(2-5 fps)


The next step is very common, simply press control+alt+delete and then go to task manager. Right click pcsx2 and select real-time priority. Be careful with this, it is not recommended you do this with more than one program open. (10-12 fps increase)

Your last option is to overclock your processor, or reinstall your OS. Both of these have drastic changes in speed.

After, (Without overclocking or reinstalling OS)

Not sure if this is the right section, but this may help people out.

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It's nice you're trying to help people, but I'd like to add that no external app like the tuner you recommend is actually needed.
You can always turn off aero manually, which for your system seems to be a big fps gain (GPU limitation).
Disabling processes that constantly draw CPU cycles in task manager is something every gamer knows how to do Wink
Well it does more than turning aero off, and it's always easy to have something else do a lot of disabling at once.

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