Boot from savestates shortcut?
Is it possible to create a shortcut on the desktop to boot from a specific savestate? Much like how you can boot from a specific ISO?

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Not really, since the game has to be loaded before you can load a savestate.
I would also not particularly recommend relying on save states that much, for a few reasons.
1. Save states are more prone to corruption then in game saves since it basically saves the state of the game and not just select values like an in game save does.
2. Continuing from a save state is like playing a game straight and some games do weird things if you play without saving and reinitializing the game every so often (sega genesis shadowrun mag locks and some platform oddities in super mario 64 easily come to mind but there are many more)
3. Loading from an ingame save can sometimes clear bugs since it only loads specific values the developers decided to record. Using save states will carry on bugs or changed memory values (cheats) which can lead to instability.

For these reasons it is generally best practice to use in game saves for your primary way to save and only use save states as temporary saves (if you have to quit a game before reaching a save point, to cheat in some games, or to explore another option without having to replay a bunch of content). This is general emulation advice not limited to just PCSX2 but really any emulator.
There is no such command line but it's not really a good idea to immediately load a save state once the game window appear...I have seen problems because of that many times(pcsx2 crashes,memory card saves not loaded and other problems)
I always wait at least until some logo appear or the memory card is loaded)

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