Boot up problems.
Hello all,

I have run into some problems with PCSX2. It has all been configured to the best of my knowledge. I have placed my Okami disc in my drive, and am loading the game straight off that. After using the full boot up CDVD option, the game starts fine, and I can see the PS2 logo start up. After that, the game crashes, gets extremely laggy, freezes, etc. I am positive it is not a hardware issue.

I have tried this with Okami and FFX. Both have run into the same problem. And me feeling somewhat inadequate to most computer users here in terms of computer knowledge, I am not sure how to fix this problem.

I will try to include pictures, but the attachment limit seems to small...going to try to get around that in the meantime.

Thank you for the read. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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use imgburn to rip iso-files from the discs and use the internal CDVD loader.

should be more compatible if not fully fix that problems.
Alright. Every ISO ripper however has failed me. I've tried ISO Recorder as well as LCISO creator. Both record only a little bit, and then crash. Argh. Just really want to get this thing working...
Other image making software has failed me before.

ImgBurn has yet to do so. Smile
So it seems you have a scratched disc if they only advance a little. If ImgBurn does the same then I guess you could try making the ISO in a different PC/drive or using a disc cleaning kit.
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(08-16-2011, 01:32 AM)Rezard Wrote: Other image making software has failed me before.

ImgBurn has yet to do so. Smile

*just alil bugging the admins*

yeah. it's good to have links to help. but I couldn't post it cause the proxy fails to do so. thx bositman for the ban. Wink

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