Bosses facing the wrong way in FFX?
I just got this game up and running on PCSX2 0.9.6. And I noticed in the Ruins- Underwater Hall, that giant sea creature faces the wrong way when the battle starts. And so does Tidus. I heard somewhere that I have to change the EE/VU Rec options and the Round and Clamp modes to deal with that. But I have no idea what these are for or how they should be set. And messing around with them doesn't seem to change anything except maybe making the game slower with certain settings.

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Config->Advanced. In EErec options and VUrec options set Clamp mode to Full and Extra+Preserve Sign respectively. If that doesn't work, change 'Round mode' to 'Negative' for both
Oh and to see some effect you'll have to load from a memory card save and not from a state
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I don't see any clamp mode called Full. I only see Extra + Preserve sign for both. They only slow the game down, it seems.
Did you try round mode too or just ignore that part? If these fail, get the latest 1888 beta and try again.
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I tried all sorts of different combinations of round and clamp modes. But then I tried the 1888 beta and set the EE Rec Clamp mode to Full (wasn't available in 0.9.6) and that seems to work.
Sometimes happens, sometimes dont. It's a normal issue in FFX.
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