Bot for autopress
Hi everybody!

I'd like to know if there is any way to autopress a button in the pcsx2.. like pressing "a" every 3 sec...
Something like a bot
(external bots doesn't seems to work on pcsx2)

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That's odd... any type of scripting program should work fine on PCSX2 as long as it uses the windows API. Just assign the button in question to a keyboard button then have the script run on that.
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Try changing the Keyboard API configuration at Lilypad, or try another pad plugin.

Why do you need it, by the way?
lilypad configuration doesn't have any option for autopressing button.. I need it to autoexp in final fantasy X Tongue
And why it has to be every 3 second?
LilyPad have turbo...btw what Flip do?
Auto XP? Why not just use one of the many cheats available for the game? I'm sure the patch thread alone probably contains several dozen cheats for it.
[Image: 2748844.png]
because every 3 sec it press O which it pass the turn of every player and I gain exp waiting Smile What is turbo? O.O

Anyway I'm trying to create a bot with C++
The turbo function in LilyPad when you press the button on which you enable turbo will rapidly press the button(not every 3 seconds but many times every second)

It will keep rapidly pressing the button until you release it
Probably the Flip function will do the opposite(pressed means not pressed and the other way around)but I'm not sure because on the pad testing elf file that I tried,I didn't see any activities
and I should hold it down for that?
(it is not essential to be 3 sec.)
if I don't have to hold it down and I just have to press once the button and it continues to press it automatically that would be the way! Laugh
Is it?
Maybe the Flip option is for that.

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