Brand new at this
So I just downloaded the PXSX2 emulator for Mac and installed it, but when I insert the PS2 game into my DVD ROM drive on my MacBook, nothing happens. Does anyone know of any way I could get this thing open and ready to play? I'm new at this so forgive me for sounding like an idiot.

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this is posted about frequently, AND THE SEARCH FUNCTION REGISTERS HITS.
In case you haven't understood Squall's sarcasm : He is telling you to use the search function of the forum.
If you don't know how to search for something on a forum, go to the nearest shop and buy yourself some IQ bags (the more the better).
pcsx2 mac version can't run form disc, you need to save your ps2 discs as iso. theres a good thread somewhere on how to dump it from disc to iso. i would do as these guys have told you and use the search function to find that thread or any similar thread.
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