Brand new have some questions
Just recently downloaded the emulator and wanted to try out a few games i have. Hitman blood money i tried and could not get to the main menu due to the fps going to 1. I tried to fool around with the setting but still could not get the fps to stay around 60 could anyone help me out? Also how often is the compatibility list updated if at all? thanks in advance

My specs

Intel r i5-2400 31ghz
direct x 11
nvidia geforce gt 545
6144mb ram

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Hitman is a bit of a sod for the emulator at the moment, you need to go in to software mode while you are loading the game and in menus (F9 after you start the emulator booting the game) else the GS plugin will just eat your PC alive.

The status of the game however is ingame, so it doesn't work so well im afraid.

you could try the latest SVN versions to see if things have improved, it hasn't been tested in a little while.
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