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Breaking a myth, is it dangerous to speed up while save/load games?
Hey guys, i couldn't find any source on this topic so i'm opening this thread for insight.

Is it ok to keep speed button on when you are saving or loading games? Sometimes i have the speed button on but, when i reach a save point, i
purposely stop the speed up in order to save it safely, but is it really dangerous to keep it on? did someone got a memory card ruined that way? Once or twice i kept it sped up while saving and nothing bad happened.

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you mean frame limit removing? There is no problem at all, PCSX2 (the ps2 software) thinks that it's normal to go 60+ FPS and acts perfectly normal when saving and loading
Or if you mean turbo (tab), then I never had any problems, neither with savestates.
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Nah, in fact sometimes I enable turbo or turn the frame limiter off just for the purpose of speeding up saving. It's perfectly fine.
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i see thanks Happy

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