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Anyway, greetings.

I've recently been playing around with patches for FFX, and found an intriguing but unfortunate issue with the way the item modifiers are set up: they overwrite other items. After idly wondering where the ***** my lvl3 sphere keys had gone, I decided to try my hand at altering the codes to make it do what I want.

To much success: What I thought would change the item modifier slot, turned my dark matter into potions instead. Argh.

So I'm hoping someone who has an inkling about these things is willing to help me. Using these codes:

Quote://dark matter
//Chocobo Wing
//Wings of discovery
//light curtain
//lunar curtain

Now, the question is: How can I change these codes so that the item slots they modify are the last slots in the item menu?

Wings of discovery is currently Slot 109, which is perfect, so now I need to know how to get the other items to slot 110+ etc.

Sorry if this is in a wrong section. I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me. Much <3,


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I'd go to the codebreaker forum, but they've been known to be particularly unfriendly to anyone with a PAL version of a game. >_>

Hoping someone with some knowledge on these things can help me out.
If a slot is not filled it will be transformed into potions

each slot = a diferent item ( max slots = 112 )

Pal uk codes = from max to raw conversion

Level 3 Key Spheres Slot 84
0031D442 00002053
0031D5EF 00000063

slot 111 = 0000206E
slot 112 = 0000206F

and err what version is that pal , ntsc
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