Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter.
I live in Australia and I only have around 40 PS2 games,but seeming I live in Australia I only have the PAL versions and that really gives me the short end of the stick,anyway my problem is that I wanted to play Breath of fire Dragon Quarter again but the PAL version can anyone confirm that it will work?. Another Question is what PS2 game should I buy? because the Electronics boutique here is having a clearance sale on PS2 games.

1).Final Fantasy X-2
2).Disgaea 1 or 2
3).Final Fantasy 12(My sister sold my copy before I got through it)Sad
4).Phantom Brave(played it before but It was such a nice game)

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1. yes
2. both
3. not really since it's not really FF it has just the same name
4. yes

and dragon quarter works I play the PAL version too

for the record all the games mentioned are working I own them all.
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well, i personally like all ff titles just because they are so different, i recommend them all (2j and 5j are my favs Wink ), only ff11 is not my cup of tea, as i don't like the mmorpg genre. no idea about the other games, though.

one thing to keep in mind about x-2 in pcsx2: currently the fmvs don't work correctly in hardware mode, switch to software with F9 for the fmvs.
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xD I like every FF except FF12 though it has it's good parts too (fighting system and the enemies are great for example) FF12 just doesn't feel like FF sadly also i'm a sucker for love stories (at least if not everything in the film/game is about this love)

FF11 is one of the "better" mmorpg since you can choose your class and change it anytime quests and story are more than decent, and skills armor etc is all good XD it's a "complete" mmorpg (it even has days, special days, weeks, an economy system etc etc)

so for an mmorpg it's pretty good but after WoW (which has almost no story whatsoever) even ragnarok online feels like a great mmo xD

sorry for the bit offtopic Oo

PS: my fav FF are (in order from best to least best Oo)
8 (good alround great innovative fighting and "skill" system)
6 (best story in FF yet)
10 (great alrounder enhanced tactic part and the spheregrid makes it possible to play it the way you like^^)
9 (decent story an incredible amount of minigames and eastereggs great use of different accents and dialects also the world is "whole")
7 (great story,good characters)
Chicken is not Vegan?


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