Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter, code help.
I don't wanna have to constantly post my issue all over pnach compilation thread so I've figured I may as well start an unique thread to see if someone can assist me with an issue.

There is this code

Simply put the code adds Bosch into your party into the 3rd slot of your party, for me this character is Lin. I've converted the code and placed it within the pnach, this is the layout of my pnach to show I've placed the code correctly.

gametitle=Breath of Fire V Dragon's Quarter [SLES_514.96] (PAL)

//3rd Slot is Bosch(playable)


When I start the ISO, I'm not receiving any address errors of any kind but as soon as I get to loading the game, I'll either get a hanged game just as it's about to load it'll CTD, if I choose to move Bosch to other slots I'll get the same thing happen with exclusion being the 1st slot, It'll crash but I'll get an assertion error which gives me an option of ignoring it but that doesn't seem to do anything.  Glare

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Modifying 4 addresses at once just to add a character and those 4 addresses to be like that looks weird.Try
It's the same thing but this way you are modifying only one address

PS.Keep in mind that while some codes may work on the PS2,pcsx2 may crash.
Thanks for the help but no luck unfortunately, I guess it's just one of those codes that refuse to work.

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