Brief freezes on every emulation
I've been using PCSX2 for two years now, I've changed my rig quite a lot in the meantime.
With all the upgrades I haven't found a single game I had trouble running at 100% speed, but there is an issue.
Every game, every emulation, while moving to other areas in a game or while game loads up new SFX, the game freezes.
It's like half a second freeze that happens and also ***** up the sound in the game. How do I fix this thing? Is it a global issue? I've even ran games with native GFX and without speedhacks. Absolutely nothing fixed this problem I had for this much of time.

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For some games it is not fixable. It depends what the origin is.

rama explained once that this can happen if a lot of processing/data is sent through the VU iirc. This wouldn't be fixable using current code base.

If you use your dvd directly or are accessing the iso from a slow hdd/network drive it might be indeed the HDD read time that is slowing you down. You can exclude this possibility by putting the game on a fast drive as an SSD or RAMDISK.

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