Brightness in GSdx?
Hi everyone i have a question,
Im playing Kingdom of Hearts 1 & 2,
The Thing is that is going really well using
627_pcsx2pg-vtlb-dev.exe (BUILD)
Getting (45 in parts with a lot of "light Effects like the SUN")50~80 FPs
THe thing is that i alredy get to traverse town and even in the part before leaving the island (when is Raining and the Shadow atacks) Is preety DARK
and i cannot See a thing
Except if i go to NVIDIA Control Panel, and ADD +90%~+100% of Brightness in Everything Which actually (add brightness to the image, and i can plpay fine, but the desktop and everything is awful x.x)

QUestion, there is a way to add brightness to the Emulator, uncheck/check any option or something?
im using Gsdx891 SSE2 0.1.14
And i dont use Zero cuz I dont get even image with that Plugin

And My Configuration is preety Much the same as this one

[Image: 5345234sy7.jpg]

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try setting the options in the "advanced options" menu to default and try enabling "alpha correction" in gsdx. also what video card are you using?
Imma try that
Also My Hardware is:
Pentium D CPU 3.40GHz
2Gb Ram
XFX Geforce 8600GT 1GB DDR2
Your CPU is weak and I think VUSkip or some hacks can do that
CPU: Intel Core i7-10700K 3.8 GHz (Turbo 5.1 GHz)
GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 (8 GB)
RAM: Corsair 32GB KIT DDR4 3200MHz CL16 Vengeance LPX
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
I know My CPU isnt Good,
But Im not in the need of talking About Speed,The speed is great despite the CPU,
But im talking about brightness
Which is Plugin related and for what i know, VUSkip and SPEEDHAcks, are for speed not for graphic fixes.
I don't think that's possible. You could probably do that by raising your monitors brightness.

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