Brightness on pcsx2 0.9.7
is there any way i can increase brightness on pcsx2 2 version 7? cause my montor brightness is at max a little help herE?

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no you cant on pcsx2 but you can on the most games that support it for a little extra brightness
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i see tnx
Without knowing your hardware it's hard to give a positive answer.
Still you can look at your video card control panel and search for some way to increase the brightness or/and the gamma factor. If it turns out to be too bright for others applications you can always reduce it in the monitor controller.

Beware the gamma can be aggressive, change it by little fractions at a time and preferably all gauges at once and test the result.
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ok i follow ur instruction and increase the gama with my nvidia, i set the gamma from 1.0-1.15 and i leave the brightness and contrast at 50% so that it will not be hurtfull in the eye, i notice that its more lighter when im playing soldier front.. my character is lighten up and i can the bar that is not visible to my eye.. cant wait to try it on my kh tomorrow ^^ tnx guys

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